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Capsules for potency

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For many men, the worst nightmare is that of erectile dysfunction. Men’s anxiety about this is indeed quite common, but it often makes no sense because there is no reason to worry. If you really caught this problem, do not worry and nervous, as the solution is – it is a means of Erex M16. With its help, every man can fully restore his erection and sexual life. Moreover, the product also affects the sexual desire, it awakens a sexual appetite. And sex will become longer due to the fact that the man becomes more enduring and active. As a result, the partner is likely to be satisfied with the changes that have occurred.

The action of the product is based on the properties of natural components, so you can not worry – they are harmless and do not violate the internal processes. Capsule Erex M16 – a way to restore their relationship and return to normal sex life. You will also feel better because regular sex has a positive effect on your health.
– Improves blood circulation, in particular, blood circulation in the genitals;

– Normalizes the condition of blood vessels, gives them elasticity;

– Makes the erection stronger and longer;

– Improves the quality of sperm;

– Increases physical activity, it makes a man more enduring in bed;

– Helps to relax, eliminates anxiety and excessive tension;

– Strengthens sexual desire.

– It has a completely natural composition;

– Does not contain any chemical components;

– Does not have contraindications;

– Can also be used for preventive purposes;

– Has an affordable price;

– Can be used at any age;

– Quickly works;

– Safe for the body.
– L-arginine is an amino acid that activates metabolism, accelerates it, promotes the production of nitrogen oxide, improves blood circulation, in particular, blood circulation in the small pelvis, relaxes the walls of blood vessels, restores male strength, improves the quality of sperm, as well as – the reproductive system, strengthens sexual desire;

– Guarana extract – has a tonic effect, accelerates metabolism, reduces appetite, strengthens the body, prevents cholesterol levels, normalizes the cardiovascular system, fights fatigue, increases physical activity, allows you to cope with sexual impotence;

– Glycine – calms the body, allows you to relax, helps with the weakening of male power, relieves psychological tension, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, gives them elasticity;

– Magnesium – improves the state of the nervous system, has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, strengthens blood vessels, provides blood flow to the penis, which allows you to get a strong and lasting erection.

How to use
You should take 2 capsules each in the morning and evening for a month. If necessary, the course can be extended after a two-week break. You can also take the product for preventive purposes.
The product is not a medicine. It is not a dietary supplement.

All the results are purely individual and depend on the characteristics of the body.


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